Steve (wookie_x) wrote in lj2600,

Food for thought

I just got home from the 2600 meeting. It was a very small turn-out. At one point the conversation turned to self programming robots and the like. I have some digital format papers on the subject, from 1994 there is "Living Machines", a 37 page paper by Mark Tilden. Tilden is a pioneer of this territory, both for robotics and artificial intelligence. His designs are basic, cheap, self-adapting, and very much insectoid in look. Another paper of his is "The Design of "Living" Biomech Machines: How low can one go?" This is a 23 page paper from 1997. These papers are VERY interesting. I'm kinda thinking about taking up the challenge of building one or two. I have a number of other e-books on building robots, if anyone is interested. I'm always willing to share the wealth of knowledge.
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