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it's two weeks away people: defcon xv.

i'm a newb to defcon but i've heard the talks and been to (some of) the parties. what else is there to experience at DC, prefferably during the day?

i know there's a wi-fi shootout, cannonball run and some other activities but i don't know quite where to find out about these activities, carpooling, etc. what do i need to know about the con that isn't at the main hotel? and is there anything fun to do before and after the con since i'll be in from Wed night to Tues morning?

aside: i note that the toxic bbq and theSummit happen on the same day. is there any carpooling or shuttling for the car and directions deficient peoples?

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Also, besides cost of con, casinos, and hotel room, does anyone know about how much money I should bring? Would $100 be enough?
it really depends on how much you want to eat, drink, buy from the vendors, and do in vegas outside the con.
lets assume i am not going all out (gambling budget: $150) but want to see some hacker-related or drunken-fun-related stuff.


shardy?!?!! how are you ma boy! heard from old khromy lately?
but going out is the best part! seriously. there's nothing like being in a large group of drunken hax0rs wandering the strip at 4am.

the best stuff at defcon just happens spontaneously, whether at the hotel or elsewhere. save your money for the basic things like food and booze. i drop at least $50 every year on shooting, but i don't gamble, go to strip clubs, or do similar things that blow money.

i'm doing ok... i don't know who you are on irc, heh. (which is where i'm guessing you know me from!) haven't seem khromy around at all lately, he hasn't been on 2600net in a while from what i can tell...
psypete, i think i visited 2600net once in the past year or two (still have my cafepress "i had ops on #2600 and all i got was this lousy t-shirt" shirt)

so invite me when you l33t hax0rs do your drunken wandering. i don't know a whole lot of people outside binrev, some of pla and random others. i'm not really a hax0r anymore ='[
ah cool, hey there! and haha that shirt sounds awesome.

drop me an email with your contact info. or just send me an email and i'll send you my cell # so you can find me there. i'll be in vegas from the 31st to the 6th. i can get in to all the good parties :)
PLA represent. Thats who I am hanging out with.
Hopefully in a few years I'll be lucky enough to be in your shoes. That is, being a noob with the cons/having the ability to actually get to attend one. Sorry I cant offer much help. :(
for me, most of the fun of defcon comes from getting to see people i haven't seen in a while (maybe since last defcon), meeting new people, and talking about whatever comes up. everything else is just incidental.

the hacker foundation, which i am involved in, will be having a prototype hacker space set up, as well as a wii boxing tournament for a fundraiser.

if you're looking for fun stuff to do, my suggestion is to just find people and see what's going on. there's always something to do. usually i have more planned than i'm able to get to, between wandering the strip, organizing a large dinner event for people, shooting guns, going to the parties, etc.

if you need to go to something outside the hotel, you get a cab. it's pretty easy to find people to split the costs with. last year i went all the way to the other side of town for a sushi buffet, and we had enough people that it was cost-effective to get a limo ride there and back.
oh and by the way, defcon is canceled this year
Is this some inside joke I am not aware of?
i guess so, haha
so as a noob last year, things i noticed about defcon:

-food in vegas is fucking expensive
-you can get amazing all-you-can-eat sushi off the strip: makino
-dunk tank = awesome
-wait til the last day to buy crap from unix surplus as they discount stuff a lot
-SUNSCREEN. a 20 minute walk outside at like 7pm gave me a burn
-the cafe in the riviera has good milkshakes. at 4am. as far as i can remember anyway!
thx for the tips (learned about expensive town-ness at DC13). see you this year?
I was told that there were like $1 buffets in the casinos. Is this a lie?
i think you only get them for $1 when you spend an ass-load on gambling :(

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crap. it would help when I know my own community name: defcon_defcon